Saturday, March 28, 2009

More HMP Mafs

We are feeling super smrt here at HMP and wanted to do another maf problem:

Fiesta and all of the below equals ...

I don't know what this HM is. My maf is a li'l rusty:

HM Mafs

HMP is all about educations. So here is some HMP maf:

The sum of these drinks divided by three people who have already been drinking for a few hours...

Equals this:

Plus having crashed on the couch at a party about an hour into it and several very expensive and confusing cab rides.  And where is that crazy girl with the long gloves who promised us she'd marry a millionaire and buy us all houses or some shit?!

This post is dedicated to my fav gucci sunnies.  I am gonna go pour out a 40 now.  

Mmmmm Del Taco

Look at this hottie! I think she was waiting at the back door of Del Taco because they couldn't fit her order through the drive-through window. So sad :-(

I love me some tacos when I'm drunk, but loitering behind the Del Taco in that - that - "outfit"? H-O-T M-E-S-S

Oh how I wish the iPhone could zoom. 

HMP Policy Initiative #3

Many Hot Messes are Hot Messes because they drink a lot.  We here at HMP have found compelling evidence of a need for more public restrooms - 

Entertaining Must-Have for CRAZY Hot Messes

Do you have birds flying out of your crotch?

Are you a "teacher" and people wonder WTF it is you teach because you seem to be an idiot?

Do you text people at 9:30 a.m. during the week asking what's up when you know they have jobs?

Do you ask people if they like spicy food and, when they answer yes, you decide to cook "rice"?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you must get your hands on these beauties:

Ah, such a beautiful sunset; it lights up AND moves.  Amazing!

Oh, if only this were legible. It was apparently written by some little boy who was expressing his desire to grow up to become a missionary and spread the word of Jebus.  And in such a lovely frame!

*The above pictures were actually taken in a boy's bedroom (while he was in the kitchen cooking the aforementioned rice). For context - the boy is white and has pictures of little brown boys all over his house. I'm guessing the missionary thing was one of the boys. I'm hoping he has the pictures because he likes to send money to sponsor needy children.


Saturday, February 28, 2009

Not much shakin' here ...

Was it the vodka?

Millions of milkshakes?

Mmmm vodka and milkshakes!

But this is just a MESS.

Not messy. Just HOT!

Give me a P!

Give me a G!